• I am passionate about Personal Development.
    I want to be the best version of myself so I can live the best life I can.



    The Martin Agenda is a place where I can explore and discuss my thoughts around living a successful life.

    I want to the the best I can be; someone who isn't afraid to fail, dust myself off and try again.

    The definition of success is subjective. We don't all want the same things.


    I feel successful when I am learning new things and improving my skills.

    I believe a successful life is one where I am happy, healthy and excited to wake up everyday.


    This blog will discuss topics like:

    Productivity, Time Management, Habits, Goals, Self Improvement,

    Inspiring People, Reflections, Tips and Tricks, How to be Happy,


    ... and much more.



    I hope you enjoy! x


    The Martin Agenda


  • The Martin Agenda

    Productivity / Self Improvement / Reflection / Goals

    This is about living a successful and happy life!

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