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2016 was a killer year

A year to die for.

2016 was a BIG year for many people, hell -a big year for many countries. So much occurred that will impact the future. There are even memes dedicated to the villain that is 2016.

It’s been a big year, yes, but I guess in some ways every year is.

However bad for the world, 2016 has been my best year ever. I am closer to who I want to be, physically, mentally and behaviourally.

What does this mean? Well as you fellow Type As will know, the strive to accomplish more and be more only intensifies. It’s like a fire inside that needs constant wood and kindle to be kept alight.

Last year I was struggling to maintain a healthy fire within, it felt like when the wind blew softly, I thought the fire was out. I needed to become more agile, creative and resilient. And although I am far from done, I know I have achieved more that I could have hoped for.

During 2016 amazing things happened, some I was directly responsible for – and some I was not. Lots happened in my professional environment which I won’t go into, but some personal highlights include:

  • Den and I bought a townhouse and lived through renovations. We made a lot of changes resulting in a gorgeous home we love. We have custom built furniture that makes me happy every single day. This seems simple but some pieces took several months (and headaches!) to be finalised. Small touches like our chandeliers and granite kitchen make such a big difference to the enjoyment of our home. I’m glad I didn’t settle when it came to some hard choices.
  • Den designed and built me a wonderful shoe storage solution. He worked really hard to ensure it was a customised to my needs, both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. It’s made a big impact to my daily routine and happiness.
  • For Easter we did a Food and Wine cruise – this was so much fun!
  • I travelled to America for 3 weeks. I visited my brothers in LA, San Diego and Boston. This was a big dream I had wanted to do for so long! I had an incredible time getting to know their friends and seeing their lives from a new angle. I have a very generous family.
  • I did a Gilmore Girls road trip with my brother Michael. We even stayed in a perfect idyllic B&B in Connecticut!
  • Den surprised me for my 30th birthday and whisked me away to Sydney. It was the most glamourous trip of my life, lots of surprises and restaurants. He took me to Chanel on my birthday where I picked out my favourite handbag.
  • I attended a Yoga Retreat.
  • I hiked more than I could have anticipated. I love hiking and doing this both alone and with others was a luxury.
  • I participated in many different exercise classes, including aerial yoga, bellydancing, bikram, barre and Orange Theory.
  • My body shape changed and the owner of my gym asked me to take an ‘After Photo’ to go along with an earlier photo they had of me. Although I declined, being acknowledged in this way is such an honour.
  • Den and I travelled to a Seminyak resort where we indulged in cocktails and books for 8 days.
  • We spent Christmas in Melbourne, a stunning location for the festive season! Lots of restaurants and shopping!
  • The Gilmore Girls Revival took place, something I have been wishing for!
  • I read many books and articles that have helped me grow.
  • I met some new friends who I am spending NYE with tonight. I played a big part in the creation of our little girls group too.
  • I got braces! Something I had always wanted. Now, 6 months in, my teeth are already dramatically different.
  • I began getting regular massages. Tuesday is now my favourite day!

It’s easy to read a list like this and think that everything was rosy and easy – that everything fell into my lap.

Let me assure you, there were times when I thought things were falling apart and I wasn’t sure I was making the right decisions.

An example of this is when our dining chairs were about to be delivered. We had been without chairs for months and eagerly awaiting their arrival. We then found out our custom chairs had been made incorrectly and it would be another 2 months if they were to be made again. Was the small difference in the design to execution necessary? I thought so.

Also, during the house renovations, a wall was to be moved and a doorway location changed. When this was done, I wasn’t happy with the result. It was only 30cms different than what I has envisioned. By then, the floor tiling has begun and it would cost more time and money to redo what had happened. Was 30cms worth the hassle? Tough choice.

My body shape changed dramatically this year. A few times I purchased clothes that I only wore once before they were too big for me. I am a small person, so changing from Australian size 14 to Size 8 has made a massive difference to the wearable clothes I have. I felt like I was wasting money by buying new attire, but I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable wearing clothes that were too big for me. Unwelcomed comments from others were increasing, relating to style, size and (the one that impacted me the most) posture*. I don't like wasting money, however if wearing the wrong sized clothes was making me walk and hold myself in a new way, I was more than happy to go shopping!

(*Unknowingly I was sticking my stomach out to keep my skirt from falling down. I was slouching my shoulders inwards to keep my top from revealing my bra-straps. In turn, I was creating bad habits because I was embarrassed at my ill-fitting clothes.)

God I make mistakes. I make a lot of them.

But mistakes are subjective and they are just learning opportunities disguised as bad moments.

I remember intensely loving the year I was 26. I felt like a lot changed for the better; I really grew to love and appreciate myself. When I turned 27 though, it was the beginning of a couple of difficult years. I must remember that life has ebbs and flows, and this is ok. It should be expected.

I just need to celebrate and appreciate the good times and be open to what lies ahead.

What are you most excited for in 2017?

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