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A Worthwhile Investment

Why didn't we do this earlier?

Last year Den and I bought a new bed. It's a shame it took us so long to get around to it, because we think it's the best investment we've made in a long time.
I've chosen to use the word 'investment' because it wasn't cheap.
We saved up our money and spent lots of time and energy contemplating this big purchase. Was it worth it? Would it make a difference? Should we just go on another holiday?
And thank god we decided to go for it because not only has this investment resulted in a considerable increase in our everyday happiness, it's surprisingly achieved an overwhelming return in terms of productivity and time management.
For example, unlike me, Dennis is a bit of a night owl. He will work all hours of the night, tapping away at his computer in his home office, focussing on a project or idea. He has been like this for years, much to my frustration as I, an early bird, am just the opposite.
However since buying our new bed, Den has noticed the quality of his sleep has drastically improved. This assists him greatly in the morning when he used to struggle to feel like he'd had any sleep at all. Now he is a lot happier in the morning and pleasant to be around (which makes me a lot happier too).
At night I often like to watch tv shows to relax, either on my computer in my home office or on the couch on in the lounge room. It's really easy with Netflix and other entertainment programs to find that one episode can quickly turn into a several episode power-watching session.
Since buying a new bed I have found that when I am feeling a little sleepy, instead of laying on the couch and watching just 'one more episode' where I may begin nodding off, I simply go straight to bed. Knowing I have a top-of-the-line mattress just a couple rooms away, is enough to convince me to cut my night a little early. Then pretty soon I'm laying in bed feeling so relaxed that I've forgotten all about tv shows.
I could give you other examples of why this was a good decision or make obvious jokes about other things beds are good for - but I'll leave those comments to other websites on the internet.
I could tell you about the health benefits of buying a new bed. But I won't.
I could scare you with statistics and horror stories about old mattresses. But I'll leave that to the salespeople. I'm not trying to sell you anything.
I'm simply sharing that almost a year ago my husband and I purchased a new bed and that we contribute some of our successes to that decision.
We just wish we did it eariler!
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