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Ch-ch-ch-changes... (Time to make a change)

It's happening anyway, so get on board or get off the bus.

"Change is constant. How we experience change… that’s up to us."

This is a line from an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy that stuck with me. Doesn’t it ring true?

Things are constantly changing all the time. It may only take a moment to realise the effects of change, but it’s always occurring.

A marriage can seemingly be destroyed in a moment, but it’s the miscommunication, lack of effort and trust over a period of time that leads to indiscretions. The loss of one’s job may be executed in a meeting, but it’s a result of a series of unsatisfactory behaviours.

Things are always evolving. Nothing is ever really static, despite how we sometimes feel.

So how do we experience change? How can we experience it better?

A classic book in the business world (and one that is frequently used as a catchphrase) is ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ by Spencer Johnson. The simple tale illustrates how individuals choose to respond to change. It is a quick, yet powerful, read.

There have been many changes in my life over the last few months; some taking me by extreme surprise, and others not so much. An interesting part of change is gaging one’s reaction to it. Most people are fearful and resistant.

I’ve delivered news relating to change many times in my career, but I’ll never forget the first time someone responded enthusiastically, “I love change. I can’t wait!”. Hearing this employee acknowledge and embrace change so positively, reminded me that this reaction is something I too can choose, and have since endeavoured to do so.

In that case, the individual didn’t ask any additional information. But for me, I prefer a little context. This could be because in my role I must lead others through change, but I doubt it. After reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, ‘Better Than Before’, I identify as a ‘Questioner’ personality type. I require context and understanding to assist with my acceptance of change. However since identifying this, managing change has become a point of interest for me. And with my natural passion for personal development, I can see this increasing exponentially!

Do you fear change?

What can you do to self-manage this fear?

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