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Eat Dessert First

Seriously. You'll be happier.

Have you ever heard someone tell you to eat dessert first?
You know, just in case you are too full after dinner to enjoy it?
It's a great concept. It really is.
Let's say you have been looking forward to dessert all day. You know it's going to be your favourite food: Sticky Date Pudding.
You wake up at 6am and over the course of 12 hours you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Throw in a couple snacks and two litres of water... and finally at the end of the day you get to enjoy your glorious Sticky Date Pudding.
A whole serving just for you.
You live for this pudding. It makes the day worthwhile. You have earned this pudding.
See, you've put in the hard yards. You have eaten all the right things during the day. Fruit, veggies, and even a green smoothie. Now is the time to indulge.
This is what people do with their lives.
We wake up, shower and get ready, eat breakfast, brush our teeth, go to work, run errands, or do whatever it is on our day's agenda... and then we get our Me Time. That's the deal.
Some people study. Some people exercise. Some people read. Perhaps have a glass or two of wine.
...But most people watch television and eat junk food.
This is their Me Time.
It's their time to relax and not worry about expectations. It's late, and hey, nobody is around because everybody is already sleeping or doing exactly the same thing. There's no judgement here. It's a safe place because you've deserved it. It's been a long day.
But what's wrong with this picture?
Me Time is not a Sticky Date Pudding. It doesn't have calories and it's not a guilty pleasure that should be hidden at the end of the day, when you're too exhausted to use it for something decent.
In fact, it's not bad for you at all.
It's good for you!
Prioritising Me Time before anything else will make you even more successful with all those things you need to do during the day. It will help with your attention span, productivity, emotions and overall health. You'll be sharper, stronger and achieve better results in work and study.
And you'll be putting yourself first.
There's a reason you're told to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others on an aeroplane.
It helps you stay alive.
So consider this: Wake up an hour earlier.
Have that time to yourself and choose to do something you enjoy. Something for you. Study, read a book, paint, write, exercise, write a business plan, start a blog, flick through a magazine, work on a song, or simply watch reality television and relax.
But do it for you.
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