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Evaluating 2015 via Forbes Article

Inspired by the Forbes article written by Paula Davis-Laack

Over the Christmas break I took some time to reflect over the past year. I'm naturally goal orientated, so I knew I'd be writing lists of things I'd like to achieve in the upcoming year, but I rarely focus on the past.
Forbes has published a self-evaluation piece entitled '10 Questions To Help You Evaluate 2015'.
I think it's pretty damn good.
I won't share all my responses with you, but here are a couple things I have reflected on:
"When did you have fun?"
I love making plans. I enjoy looking ahead and scheduling holidays, massages, shopping trips and other activities. Not necessarily because of the planning process, but because I feel so happy when I know when my next couple vacations are. I had fun when I was thinking about upcoming trips.
I also loved binge-watching the Blacklist. A funny answer because I don't really watch tv, and also I remember watching it during a day I had booked annual leave specifically to run a bunch of errands. I blew them all off to eat chocolate and watch 11 hours of James Spader. So worth it.
"What good risks did you take and how were you out of your comfort zone?"
I rejoined Facebook after several years of hiding from social media. I used to have a YouTube channel, until my insecurities got the better of me and I took the videos down, deleting myself from the online world. Going back to Facebook was a risk for me as I'm cautious of what I allow to influence me. I had my guard up due to past experiences and joining Facebook again was a way of letting people in and becoming more social.
On the professional front, I was involved in a project where I wasn't given a clear direction of my role. I used my initiative and took a few risks, which were scary at the time, but ultimately fruitful.
My husband and I moved into the house I grew up in. My parents moved out and were planning on selling the property, but ended up renting it to us. At the time I was not sure it was the right decision for me, but it was definitely the right decision for him.
"What gave you the most meaning?"
I emotionally invested myself into a risky situation where I could not control the outcome. It turned out better that I could have hoped.
I received excellent results back from units of my Business Diploma course. I had found some topics quite difficult. The icing on the cake was that I didn't ask for help from others, I just trusted my gut instinct.
I'd highly suggest taking the time to reflect over the year just gone.
You may learn something that could positively impact your 2016.
Here's a link to the Forbes article:
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