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Hey Jemma, you're awesome!

And you deserve a Gold Star!

What do you do after a rough day?

Sometimes I have a glass of wine. Sometimes I watch tv and zone out.

I used to indulge in junk food; a habit that took years to break!

Last week I had a very tough day. Lots of things at work were urgent and other small tasks that required action began surfacing seemingly at once.

I love my job, but I left work this day feeling like I couldn’t do anything right.

(Something in my heart I know actually isn’t true!)

I was craving a ‘Gold Star’.

I wanted some kind of recognition from another person that I was doing a good job. I realise this is silly to some people, but I wanted that external confirmation (no doubt a trait of my high-performer Type-A personality).

I wasn’t going to get this commendation from another source and I knew it deep inside, which I hate to admit made me feel even worse. I spend so much time praising others, I wanted someone else to do this for me.

An old manager once told me that nobody should need confirmation that they’re doing a good job. He wasn’t talking about me at the time and I wasn’t confident enough to disagree with him. It’s a massive part of my job as a Sales Manager now, to discuss performance and motivate others.

Or better yet, assist them in unlocking the key to motivating themselves.

There are many parts of my job that others don’t see. I know, this is the case for many jobs – just not ones I have had before. My last job was a sales consultant, where I was given a scorecard and the evaluation work was done for me; everything was measured.

Things now are a little different. It’s not bad, it’s just that a productive day in my current role is not defined by a completed to-do list. It wouldn’t suit everyone and it’s certainly an adjustment for me!

I know it’s me who needs to change.

I can’t go through life waiting for someone to tell me I’m awesome.

I need to be capable of doing this myself!

And so last week on this rough day, I drew myself a hot bath with relaxing bath salts. I rolled up a towel and put it behind my head, lit a scented candle and turned off the light.

As I lay in the dimly lit bathroom, I began to write a mental list of everything I had done well that day. To my surprise, the list was actually really long. It was kind of like a daily-scorecard and I was writing it just for me. And it really did make me feel better.

After all, the opinion in my life that counts the most is my own.

I just sometimes need to be reminded.

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