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It wasn't a fluke.

It was you!

I won a big Sales Award for FY14-15, ‘Premium Salesperson of the Year’.

My photo has been on the wall next to other winners. I have a big glass award with my name etched on it. I was given some prize money and got to shake hands with important people. And like the nature of so many awards, I had absolutely no idea I was going to win until that day. I didn’t even know that I stood a chance. I was genuinely surprised when I found out.

When I won, I felt like I didn’t deserve it.

I changed the subject when people congratulated me. I mistook being gracious for being obnoxious. I wanted to be humble but instead I downplayed my accomplishment and laughed it off.

I can’t believe that was a year ago.

The funny thing is, I actually worked my ass off for it.

Day in, day out, for month and months everyday I thought of winning.

At the time I was a consultant answering phone calls and handling inquires. Every day I’d look at my sales, revise goals and focus on my targets*.

I had post-it notes with sales techniques that I was eager to perfect. At night I’d read sales books and watch YouTube clips for motivation. I constantly tried to be as efficient as possible to maximise my opportunities with clients. I was always striving to do better, to be better.

Anytime that a co-worker wanted my attention, it was only given if there were no customers waiting. I would get into work early or stay late to complete any tasks or followup so that when I we opened those phone lines, I was 100% ready.

My number one priority was to answer the phone. This came above everything else.

When I found out I had one, I felt like it was a fluke. Surely something was amiss.

But looking back now, I definitely earned it, that’s for sure.

This week a new winner will be put on the wall. They’ll be given prize money and a fancy looking plaque. There’ll be handshakes and photos. I’m just really hoping that winner knows that it isn’t a fluke.

Being the best requires discipline.

So my plan from now is to relish when something I have worked hard for has been achieved. Even if that hard work hasn’t been rewarded yet (hey, Leo didn’t win an Oscar until Feb this year!).

You can’t put off feeling good – and you need to trust that you deserve what you achieve.

Now go give yourself a pat on the back!

*(I’d like to be clear that my focus and determination to achieve these sales goals never outranked my personal values; which include honestly, trust, and integrity.)

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