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Sounding weak over email?

This new tool is like Pilates for your Inbox!

Assertiveness is not something that comes naturally to me.
I hate to inconvenience others. I never want to appear rude or disrespectful.
However my eager-to-please attitude can backfire.
My overwhelming desire to be polite overtakes my key message.
At work I'll often catch myself apologising in situations that don't warrant it.
I'm just performing my job.
It's okay to disagree with opinions. It's okay to ask questions.
But how I communicate those questions shines a spotlight over my somewhat lacking self confidence.
Being assertive and straightforward is far from being rude.
There's a big difference between being confident and being cocky.
I have downloaded a tool to combat sounding weak over emails. It's called Just Not Sorry and it was recently created by Cyrus Innovation.
Just Not Sorry is an extension to Chrome, which brings the user's attention to any weak sounding words that may underline their message.
It's like Pilates for your Inbox! It will help you sound stronger.
Here's an example I've created:
I'm so excited to have this app!
Check it out and and let me know what you think.
#pilatesforyourinbox #justNOTsorry
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