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The 12 Week Year

A timely perspective!

When setting goals or creating new habits, we often think about how regular we would like an event to occur. I would like to run 5k once a week, attend Bikram Yoga once a fortnight or read for 30 minutes each day.
Or we have bigger goals and dreams with a flexible end-date in mind, like writing a book or running a marathon.
We think about New Years Resolutions or goals we want to achieve and it's usually within the calendar year.
And by having a deadline of the end of the year, it means that if something hasn't been achieved by June, it's okay, we have six more months to make a difference.
A lot of action takes place at the beginning of the calendar year when we are full of excitement and raring to go. Then life happens and the motivation levels off. We realise we have many months until our deadlines, and before we know it, Christmas is here and we are raring to go with goals for the next upcoming year. Things will be different then, right?
Early last year I read a great book entitled The 12 Week Year by Michael Lennington and Brian P. Moran.
It's about the concept of forecasting your goals for only 3 months; treating every quarter as if it's a new time period, completely separate from the previous period. You plan every three months as though you were planning a year; choosing goals, setting appointments and tracking things.
I love this idea of planning quarterly (or seasonally). I find that three months is the perfect time to see results.
I find I always have a sense of urgency towards my goals, without feeling overwhelmed.
Sometimes it seems like there just aren't enough days in the week or weeks in the year. Throw out that negative thinking! Focus on what you want to achieve over a smaller time frame. Be specific. Have a clear plan of action and go for it! 
Now of course you don't have to use this same concept, but it's a good place to start if you're thinking of switching up how your plan your year.
And, you don't need to buy this book to be inspired. I borrowed a copy of 'The 12 Week Year' from my local library. It was easy to organise online.. and free!
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