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The F*ck-it List

The opposite of the Bucket List

I watched a great Tedx Talk this week.
The presenter, Scott Jones, talked briefly about a sudden illness he encountered, which resulted in him having an extended hospital stay. It's common after an unfortunate life-altering incident to suddenly have a new outlook on life; and yes, Scott experienced this.
However, instead of creating a Bucket-List like so many people do, Scott began creating a list of things he decided he wouldn't care about anymore, things he no longer needed in his life.
A F*ck It List.
During the Tedx Talk, Scott rattles off things he has actively decided to cut from his life. From things he can't be bothered with anymore (Facebook) to things that simply don't add value to his life (juice cleansing). He lists things he hates (Soy Milk) or doesn't agree with (tipping at Starbucks). And as the list goes on, it's easy to start visualising your own list.
This year I have also said no to a few things. Honestly, I think it's because I'm turning 30 soon, and I've realised that I have wasted many years prioritising other people's happiness above my own.
So here are a few things on my F*ck-it List:
  • White Wine. I've tried, I really have, but for me it's just a big fat no.
  • Feeling bad about travelling more than the average person. You spend money on your house/car/kids? I spend money on vacations. It's all about life choices baby - and I like mine.
  • People who expect me to put in more effort into our friendship than they do. No thanks!
  • The News. Ahhh I tried to keep up, but I really don't care anymore.
  • Cooking. I hate it. I'd rather eat boiled eggs, canned tuna and frozen vegetables and call it a day.
  • Being friends with next-door neighbours. I don't enjoy small talk. I don't want to feed your dog or borrow any sugar.
  • Sharing my makeup. It's unsanitary and frankly, cost me a lot of babysitting hours. That's a joke, I don't babysit, but if I did I wouldn't let your kid play with my lipstick either.
  • Reading for leisure. I read to learn skills for my personal development. I can't crawl up on the couch with a fictional book like I could at 15. I've got other stuff to do.
And I'm sure I could think of many million more, but you get my drift.
There is something so freeing about deciding to take control of your life and say no.
I would hate to wait until I had a life-threatening illness before I started sticking up for myself.
Our days were numbered - even if we don't know what the number is.
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