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What is The Martin Agenda?

I am passionate about Personal Development.
I want to be the best version of myself so I can live the best life I can.
I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks about Productivity, Time Management, Habits, Routines, Inspiring People, and Career Advice. I love learning about new concepts and ideas, especially relating to People Management, Sales and Leadership.
My Facebook feed isn't full of people, it's full of inspiration! I pore over articles posted by Fast Company, Inc, Success Magazine, Young Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review and many more.
I love reading thoughts by people like Jeff Sanders, Brian Johnson, Dale Carnegie. Oprah, Ellen, Louise Hay, Gretchen Rubin, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Brian Tracey and James Altucher... and yes, I could go on all day!
But that's not all I love..

I also love travelling, trying new restaurants, shopping and going on dates with my husband, Dennis. I own way too many shoes and more makeup than I'd like to admit. I love mexican food, jacuzzis and red wine.
I have cultivated a life I love; full of passion, curiosity, fun and hard work.
The Martin Agenda is a place I can explore and discuss my thoughts around having the best life I can. I want to the the best Jemma I can be; someone who isn't afraid to fail, dust myself off and try again.
Thank you for visiting! x
You settle for what you believe you are worth.
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