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Actively planning on dreams coming true

At the beginning of this year, literally on New Years Day, my husband and I stood in front of the huge whiteboard in his office. We used a marker and divided the board into half, straight down the middle, and on the left side we began to list all of our dream for this year; anything that came to mind.
Some dreams were small and others were big. We listed everything we could think of that we wanted to achieve in 2016. They ranged between personal, professional, financial etc.
Some of mine included finishing my Business Diploma, going overseas, enquiring about getting braces, improving my skills in Microsoft Excel, attending particular seminars etc.
Once we had listed everything we could think of, we sat back and looked at our huge list. So many things we wanted to achieve this year - how could we do it all?
We needed to think about the best time for each goal, so on the other side of the whiteboard we drew twelve identical boxes, one for each month. We then began moving our dreams into our ideal timeline. It didn't matter if it wasn't 100% realistic, it was just a way to show our priorities over the year.
There are many things we don't have control over. But what is we did?
How would we plan for our dreams?
Then the ideas began flowing! My head was going so fast! For example:
If I want to go overseas, the best time for this would be in May when I have leave already booked. I better book my flights this week. Oh, my Australian passport needs to be renewed! I better start that process tomorrow. I want to finish my Diploma by the end of March, but my brother is visiting from America then and we are also going on a cruise, so that's unrealistic. Okay, well I can stretch that goal to the end of July, much more achievable...
As we moved all our dreams into our wish-calendar, we realised how little pressure we have to do everything right now. I don't need to do everything right away. In fact, it's better if we don't. What a relief!
However, some goals need to be worked on concurrently. Putting things on the back-burner can mean they are forgotten, sometimes it's better to have them simmering up the front so they stay in view.
In the January square we placed, "Buy a house".
With no external pressure to leave our current living situation, this is a goal that could easily be forgotten. We decided to begin seriously looking at property right away. After all, the process of finding the ideal place could take a while.
We ended up finding an excellent townhouse, perfect for us, and as I write this post we are in the 'cooling off period' of our purchase.
I am thrilled to have this goal crossed of my list. I realise it's February, but had we not put it in our January dreams wish-calendar, would it have happened so early in the year? I think not.
Sometimes we are so busy focussing on the everyday things,
we forget about the full picture.
If you could choose how the rest of 2016 was going to play out, what goals would you put where?
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